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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy, which has stood the test of time. Its origins date back thousands of years and ancient paintings in pyramids show that the probable origin is the Middle and Far East. It is believed that all areas of the body are reflected on the hands, ears and feet. By exerting varying pressures on specific areas of the hands, ears and feet can encourage specific and identified parts of the body to respond.


What is Baby Reflex?

​Baby reflex™ is specially adapted reflexology for babies and toddlers. The techniques were originally developed for bonding and over the years have helped to ease and relieve many baby discomforts proving very popular and successful with parents and grandparents.  Bobbie has been professionally trained in England to teach you Baby reflex™ so you can be rest assured you are in good hands.   

What can it help?

​Baby reflex™ can help many discomforts including easing colic, wind, reflux, constipation, tummy upsets, and teething pains, also promoting improved sleeping patterns and easing asthma. It is gentle, soothing and very calming for your baby or toddler.

How does it work?

​It works in the same way reflexology works with adults but has been specially adapted using tried and true techniques to suit the needs of babies and toddlers, taking into account their size and well-being.

How is it taught?

​In small groups of around four to six parents and their children.


Baby reflex™ is taught so it can be given to babies on their feet. It can be carried out on babies from one month old through to 10 months.


Baby reflex™ is easy to learn over the 3 weekly x 1 hour workshops covering:


  • Sleeping and comforting

  • Feeding and digestion 

  • Wellbeing.

Toddlers Reflex is also easy to learn over the 2 weekly x 1 hour workshops working on the hands through nursery rhymes which are so much fun. Ideal ages 10 months onwards. 

Why do parents choose baby reflex™?

​Most parents either have tried or heard of the many benefits of reflexology and with the modern climate of parents seeking an organic lifestyle; baby reflex™ offers the benefits of a safe non-invasive drug free natural alternative. This is great way for Dad's to get involved in the early days and to learn and to give to baby as well. Grandparents are also welcome to come along and learn.

What is the difference between baby reflex™ and baby massage?

​Baby reflex™ allows parents, grandparents and guardians to use natural, simple, safe, and enjoyable techniques on their babies / toddlers, which are based on Reflexology. They can form part of a daily routine. Once baby has experienced reflexology a few times they will remember how lovely it is, and as soon as you say "we are going to do reflex now" they will relax and enjoy. The difference is, if you are on the bus, at the park or waiting for an appointment you can give baby a simple treatment, simply slip off their wee socks, they can remain fully clothed.

Do babies really like baby reflex™?

​They love it and when the time is right they relax and fall asleep. Parents will also find that the Baby reflex™ Techniques, adapted as the child grows, will continue to encourage bonding between parent and baby in that crucial first four years of a child’s life.

What is the cost?

​Your investment for the 3 x 1 hour baby reflex workshops is $150 per parent and the 2 session toddler course is $100 per parent. For a group of between four to six parents. 


If you decide to get a group of friends together yourself and host it in your house, the cost for the host is $125 for the baby course and $75 for the toddler course, as a thank you for arranging the group.


There is an optional final session around 3 to 4 weeks after the last session to recap and consolidate what has been learnt for $25.


One-to-one baby reflex costs $195 for the workshop, I can come to you. If you are considering this as a gift I have beautiful printed vouchers available.

How can I book a baby or toddler reflex workshop?

​If you are interested in learning baby or toddler reflex, you can book a private course with a small group of friends (ideal number four to six parents) and conveniently hold it in one of your homes. Alternatively, you can join my classes at Prebbleton Community Cottage, Corner of Blakes and Springs Road, Prebbleton on Wednesday's commencing in June, 1-30 to 2-30 pm. Dates to be confirmed soon.

Contact Bobbie for more details on mobile 027 526 2243 or click on the Book Now button below.

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