Facial rejuvenation

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Ayurvedic Natural Facial Rejuvenation is the most gentle blissful treatment your face will ever experience.

This deeply relaxing “holistic” treatment is based on ancient Ayurvedic techniques and performed without oils or creams.


Using specific “lifting” techniques this gentle non-invasive approach will free up the facial muscles and connective tissue to encourage effective blood circulation and lymph draining with relief from sinus often achieved as well.

The treatment begins with relaxation and energy balancing followed by the activation of specific acupressure points on the face (8 of the 12 major energy meridians have points on the face). Followed by ancient Aruyvedic smoothing techniques to desmaquate and “iron out” fine wrinkles and lines.

Deeper techniques are then used to release restrictions in the connective tissue of the dermis and lift the underlying facial muscles of which there are over 90 from the neck upwards. The final part of the treatment concentrates on lymphatic drainage, scalp massage and grounding techniques. Improving circulation and elimination is the key to great skin.

Although a difference can be felt and seen after one treatment, for the best results 6 treatments close together is recommended. 

Natural Facial Rejuvenation can help us look our best whatever our age. Compared to some anti-aging facial procedures on offer, Natural Facial Rejuvenation does not carry any negative side effects.

As well as the visible benefits, clients often say they feel more relaxed with a feeling of inner peace.

Before and after photos after 6 consecutive treatments with Bobbie. 

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"Its blissful and relaxing,

I feel so good afterwards.

Goodbye to stress in the world"

Consider follow up treatments approximately once a month to maintain the benefits.

Take Time out to de-stress

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